How to Write “Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship” Essay

For the commission to decide to provide financial support for you, it is not enough just to have good grades and various certificates. One of the key factors is a well-written “why do I deserve this scholarship” essay.

Convince me You Deserve This Scholarship

How did you choose a specific curriculum? Similar courses certainly exist in other universities. It is necessary to explain why your choice fell on this university, and why exactly your reasons outweigh your competitors’. You can write something like: “I would like to briefly explain why I deserve this scholarship at the specified university.”

About future plans

The next important question is your career ideas. It is important to indicate where exactly you are going to work after graduating, as well as how you will benefit from studying and having a scholarship, in particular, the chosen course of study.

For example: “In the future, I plan to work in a company … as a … At this job, among other things, I must have fundamental knowledge in the field of… Studying at … would be an indisputable advantage and having a scholarship will give me an opportunity to…”

State “why do you think you deserve this scholarship” briefly and succinctly. Typically, the required volume is not more than 5000 characters. That is, all of the above should be summarized in approximately two A4 pages.

In addition, clear structure of the presentation, adherence to academic style is required, and a creative and unconventional approach is also welcomed. In a sense, universities are “cheating” when they say that in a motivational essay, you just need to write about your motivation to study.

On the basis of scholarship essay, the admissions committee wants to see your character, understand your abilities and potential, see future plans and make sure that the student is a worthy member of the scholarship community.

Take the approximate structure as a basis

It will be easier to write an essay having a plan and understanding what and where you are talking about. To begin with, you can create the simplest structure to have a certain frame of the letter.

Then start gradually filling each part, and only then look at what and where to change, add or remove.

Writing such an essay is very exciting because if the inspiration comes right now to write about your achievements or plans, you could do it right away without losing time to think about where to put it.

Looking forward to meeting

At the end of the essay, you can unobtrusively express the hope that you will be invited for a personal interview, for example: “I will be very happy if you want to meet me personally at the interview”.

If everything has gone well, an invitation for an interview is in your pocket, start preparing for it. You should re-read your own scholarship essay and try to look at it from the side.

Before meeting with the commission, think over the questions that you might have as an expert, and your answers to them. The more specifics – the better. You do not need to list a wide range of future classes or say that you can then work with such a diploma anywhere or that these funds will certainly benefit your spare time.

The recipe for success is very simple – if you know exactly what you need, and you can argue your position, then there will be no problems.

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