How to End a Scholarship Essay Like a Pro Writer

Even if there are ideas and thoughts that are suitable for an essay, and some correct phrases are spelled, it might be still so difficult to start writing if there is literally a blank page in front of you. It is not clear what to say at the beginning, what to mention in the body, and how to end a personal essay.

Concerning scholarship essay, everything is more complicating because the text needs to be written about yourself, and not about someone else.

Ending a personal statement may turn out the most challenging task, and at the same time, the most crucial thing when compiling a scholarship essay.

If you are stuck and don’t know how to end a college application essay or how to conclude a scholarship essay, just check out our tips.

How to end a scholarship essay

The best answer on how to end a personal statement is to conclude it with a short summary about data on your previous education and field of interest, your achievements (publications, participation in conferences, methodological work).

At the scholarship essay conclusion, it is necessary to reflect the main idea of ​​such an essay – why do you want to have a scholarship or enroll in a specific educational institution for a specific program.

Compiling a pro scholarship essay conclusion

A “Knot” here is the main part of the scholarship essay. And if you have no ideas on how to end an essay about yourself, use this part as a summary again but in other words.

The basic idea of ​​the essay should become a certain “knot” that will connect the applicant’s personality and the chosen direction of study. The key feature of this node is that it should not be banal, i.e. should not only talk about your “passion” or the financial side of the future specialty that you will receive after graduation.

“I want to enroll in the magistracy on the profile of “English philology”, because since childhood, I’ve enjoyed learning English ” or “I want to enroll in the magistracy on the profile of “English Philology”, because translation is a prestigious profession and they earn a lot”- these are examples of the very banalities that do not attract the commission’s attention to your essay.

Your variant of how to end an application essay might look like this: “During my school years I took part in the productions of the English theater, and this showed me all the beauty of the English language, made me interested in its semantics and grammar. I would like to develop my skills in the field of English philology obtained at the undergraduate level, in university, or in school. I am sure that after graduation, I can become a qualified translator – a person who mediates between different cultural spaces, helps people of different nationalities to hear and understand each other.”

You’ll have everything necessary in such a formulation: it explains the interest in the language in a non-banal, personal form, tells about the previous education, and also demonstrates the applicant’s view of his future profession, shows his motivation directly.

Become a pro essay writer

When writing, we recommend keeping in mind a certain structure and a number of questions that you definitely need to highlight so that the essay turns out to be written in a proper level.

Universities often “cheat” and say that in the scholarship essay, you just need to write about your motivation to study at a particular university and on a specific program.

Of course, this is the basis, but the selection committee is looking for more in the essay of applicants: see your character, understand your abilities and potential, see your plans for the future, make sure that you are a worthy member of the university community, etc.

And how does all this fit in one paper?

Start writing with the most appropriate structure for you so you can start preparing a motivation letter faster and easier. This is the key – to start writing, and then the process will go faster. In addition, when you write down everything, you will think where to add something, how to change places of different arguments. Once you have a well-prepared basis, it’ll be much easier to finalize the essay.


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