Essay Writing purposes, basic format, and preparation tips

What is the purpose of essay writing?

The purpose of an essay to students is to test their level of creativity and reasoning, style of writing, approach towards the topic, and format of the essay. It gives examiners a chance to evaluate the key factors that qualify as a great essay, therefore grading students based on how well they achieve the vital parts of an essay. Essays have been assigned to a student right from a young age to even present-day exams like the SATs and ACTs.

What is the basic format of an essay?

Every kind of writing has a format that one follows, whether it is fiction or non-fiction based works. When it comes to essay writing, there have been many approved formats that invariably contain within each style very similar attributes.

Before writing an essay, the student has to first decide on the topic if one hasn’t been assigned, prepare a step-by-step outline of what the entire essay must contain, come up with a thesis statement, write the body of the essay, include the main points while elaborating on any sub points if any, introduce the main paragraph of the essay, conclude using an effective end paragraph, followed by a few touch ups that come into play like revision and correcting the essay.

What does a student need to keep in mind after completing the essay?

While many students don’t follow a time management program, it would serve them well to do so. Managing one’s time is what will help a student create an essay that is foolproof when it comes to flaws and irrelevant information that could have been disregarded or replaced. A total of about five minutes should be spent mulling over what kind of topic to write about if one hasn’t already been provided by the examiner.

The rest of the essay is then written after a brief outline has been created so that the student can refer to it as he/she continues on with the essay. The student then makes sure when use essay writing service that there are no – spelling or grammatical errors, incorrect use of words/examples, irrelevant information, incorrect use of facts, and weakly constructed outline, intro, and conclusion.

How can students prepare for an essay writing assignment?

Students who are into the habit of reading novels, whether fiction or otherwise, have a good grasp over the English language and thus find it easy to create an essay from scratch. Those who do not love to read or at least indulge in the text as often as they will find it hard to construct sentences and let ideas flow naturally and more often than not, encounter a mental block.

Students should read a variety of essay topics and choose one that they think will help them put an essay together that is effective and interesting to read for the examiner. Students can also practice creating content for a host of essay topics if they already know that there will be no topic assigned. It’ll help students prepare much more efficiently for the real thing.